Dr. Hosler Catch Phrases

The Dr. Hosler Catch Phrases have been retired! No new ones will be added!! Due to an unfortunate series of event Dr. Hosler is no longer the director of Tiger Band! If you want to do something about this, contact your local Clemson University president.

Well, all the same, here's all the old phrases. In order to appreciate these to the fullest you must have been a member of Tiger Band. For the rest of you: Dr. Hosler could run all rehearsals with a finite number of phrases that he used again and again. After much intensive research, I compiled a comprehensive list of these phrases. They are listed here according to frequency of use, and my favorites ones appear in yellow.

For this to be effective, you must imagine his forcedly cheery, overly inflective voice being carried via a headset to speakers that boom his voice over half the campus. And oftentimes he is standing atop a fifty-foot high platform.

  1. You’re doing great today, Tiger Band, you’re doing great.
  2. Good, good!
  3. Please, please!
  4. You’re not LISTENING!
  5. Stop... right... here!
  6. Hustle, hustle!
  7. All the way out, let’s PLAY it!
  8. Let’s see some ENTHUSIASM out here, Tiger Band!
  9. After the preset!
  10. Alright, here’s two...!
  11. Take it from the ladder!
  12. Good first note...
  13. Whistle! Drum majors...
  14. Preset! Drums...
  15. Good afternoon, Tiger Band!
  16. Let's do that one again. Let's - do - THAT - one - AGAIN.
  17. <Insert song name> is up!
  18. Come on! Play what's written!
  19. Play clean!
  20. We’re ready for you, drums, if you’ll head on over here...
  21. Get a drink of water over here right quick, if you want one...
  22. I’d like to see the section leaders and assistants over here for a minute.
  23. There's too much talking!
  24. Alright! In the circle!
  25. Don’t be a loser!
  26. Eyes up here!
  27. LAND on it!
  28. NAIL it!
  29. Sing your parts!
  30. This is MAY-SURED step marching...
  31. Let’s fix these diagonals here...
  32. Now, play it like that every time!
  33. Listen to me a minute as you’re walking to you places.
  34. We’ll call it the first time.
  35. We’ll call it the second time.
  36. Okay, that one's over....
  37. Is there somebody MISSING right there?
  38. Stop when I stop!
  39. You older members, help out the new members...
  40. We don’t have time to do thousands and thousands of run-throughs of this.
  41. We’re not like one of these bands that do one show all season long.
  42. Now we're going to do it continuous.
  43. Mark time 4, Slow turn 4, head for Clemson.
  44. Here's what's going to have to happen....
  45. Have a plan!
  46. The clock is ticking!
  47. ... I don’t know WHAT it is today, but ....
  48. Know which way to turn!
  49. Hold up your hand if there is anybody MISSING from your squad.
  50. Bottom of the letters hit on count 28!
  51. Bottom of the letters hit on what count...?
  52. Start right there at "da-da-DI-da-DA-da-da-DI!" What letter is that? [God Bless America!!]
  53. "Bum, FLANK, bum, FLANK, bum-bum, FLANK..." [Also God Bless America!!]
  54. Bass drums, let's play this like the visiting band is going to be playing, so do the unison quarter notes...
  55. "...and Hit...and Hit...and Hit...and Hit...and Hit...and Hit...and Hit..."
  56. Nope, nope, nope! A trumpet came in early over here! Take it back!
  57. Know which side of the field you should be on. Are you on the side with the drums...?
  58. That whistle is your cue to get to attention.
  59. Good morning, Tiger Band! It’s game day!
  60. Tiger Band, we are ready!
  61. Just the intro, to let them know that we’re coming...
  62. This side is home, this side is away...
  63. Great job at half time, Tiger Band!
  64. Everybody's music says to ____ [e.g. get faster, get louder] there, right? ..... No!!!
  65. Don't think "Oh, I have until Friday to learn this." Unt-uh.
  66. Drink more water than you think you’ll need, don’t just drink a Coke and think you’ll be alright.
  67. When you get to your room, take your uniform OUT of the garmet bag.
  68. Keep an eye on your hat, everybody is looking for a souvenier....
  69. Hang up your jacket and pants... nobody here is your Mommy.
  70. The way we do it is we put strong players on every part.
  71. The student staff is really what makes Tiger Band great.
  72. Make sure you eat the hot breakfast buffet, it's already payed for...
  73. Pregame! We'll do it on the count. Drums, we'll have you play it here... (This one has fallen out of use! Thank goodness!)
  74. Josh would like to see the trahm - bones. (This one's obselete but its still funny stuff!)

And some one-time specialties....

  1. Good - morning - Tiger - Band, let's WAKE up and GET WITH IT.
  2. Move 4 inches to the left .... good.
  3. That's not going to shake anybody's Southland!!!
  4. Does anybody want to be a funny man with me? Huh? Any takers?
  5. I’ll blow you right out of here!
  6. This one submitted by Darius Jones: Hey Percussion, how about just stand there and play!? How's that for something cool?!