Current Residence: Charlotte, NC
Past Residences: Huntersville, NC; Misenheimer, NC; Lenoir, NC; Clemson, SC; Orlando, FL; West Jefferson, NC
Current School: UNC-Charlotte
Past Schools: Clemson University, Garinger High School, Hawthorne Middle School, Elizabeth Traditional Elementary School
Current Degree: Master of Arts in Teaching
Past Degrees: Computer Science
Current Job: High School Social Studies Teacher
Past Jobs: Painter, Computer Programmer, Camp Counselor, Mail Clerk, Grocery Bagger
Current Roommate: David McMahan
Past Roommates: Clark Chilton, Adam Cline, Tripp Setliff, Chris McAlister, Daniel Lawson, John Cliver, Billy Schoon, Harvey Blumenstein, Charlie DeZeil, Alan Tung, Mark Horlbeck, Chris Kuperstein, Jonathon Bosley, Kevin Crots, Brandt Culbertson, Brandon Long, Jason Eudy
Current Girlfriend: None
Past Girlfriends: ... just kidding! ha ha ha


I was born at an early age in Charlotte, NC, at a hospital I can't remember, on a street that may never have existed, and a place I'm not sure I've ever been to. After wasting the first few years of my life on fun and imagination I started school, and that takes me pretty much up to the present day. The rest is only minor details.


I came to Christ

This is actually not a minor detail at all. If you haven't tried obedience to the Creator of the universe, I would highly recommend it. Did you know that human beings were not created by modern scientists or The Discovery Channel? It's true. There is actually somebody behind this whole process, and his name is "God." Although the Bible doesn't outline all the details of how He created us, I'll pretty much take His word for it, since He was the only one there.

Then a person decided to do a bone-headed thing, and people pretty much kept on doing bone-headed things up until we fought World War I to solve it all.

But did you know that there's a Way - not to stop doing bone-headed things - but to be forgiven for them, and to start living for a purpose instead? That Way is Christ. He came and taught us that he was the Son of God, that we need to simply believe in him, love God, and love others. Then somebody working in an important-sounding university started writing articles about how it probably wasn't true, and that's supposed to make me all afraid and doubtful and junk. But not really, since again, I choose to believe the Creator of the universe over some desk jockey philosopher.

The moment that I realized I could rely on Christ 100% as the way to Heaven and to a purposeful live was the most defining - and most scary - time of my life. It was scary because I had come to rely on so many other things, and wasn't sure I could give them up. But it was defining because Christ began shaping my character and enabling me to do things that I didn't think possible.

I hope that made sense; I'm sure it didn't. Why not try it all out for yourself, then write your own story about how Christ has changed your life.

My family

I am not married and I don't have kids or pets or potted plants, but I do have a great family all the same:

Daddy - He's my dad. When I was little my dad used to give me "whoopin's." Then later he just gave me money. Now he still gives me a little bit of money, but at least no "whoopin's." After many years of working for the county government and taking care of his family, he decided to give up one of those things. Instead of working he now goes fishing, works in his garden, and works. My dad comes up with zany / cute names for stuff, like "Woogly" for "Wendy," "nyawg" for "dog," and "wellllp" for "it's time to go now." He also dries out hot peppers and grinds them in the blender, creating a certified hazzard.

Notable achievements:

  • Last man alive to use the word "swell" to indicate a state of being
  • Still possesses all or part of every tool ever purchased
  • Successful tomato crops, 1976-present.
Mama - She is my mother and gave birth to me and all of my siblings. She took care of us as we were growing up, and for the most part, still takes care of us. Nobody is nicer and nobody is more closely related to me on my mother's side of the family. Oh yes, and she is fiendishly talented with pen, paper, organization, and cooking.

Notable achievements:

  • Caught daily record black drum with a toy fishing rod
  • One of three people in the world to still use the phrase "I swanee"
  • More correct medical diagnoses than any Charlotte-area physician
Wendy - She is my sister and is an instructor at Mitchell Community College. She tells the best stories. If I had to sum up the tone of every story she has ever told it would be "amused exhasperation." She has her own home and has two dogs, Rigby and Abbey. She is a big Beatles fan and likes other things too, like Target.

Notable achievements:

  • Owner of 7 "Pink Pigs"
  • Once made it into Sanford Stadium on game day
  • Monty Python fan without being on the Holy Grail bandwagon
J.T. - J.T. is my sister's husband. They were married after about 11 or 12 years of dating off and on. That may be an exaggeration. J.T. is a musician, piano instructor, and lover of whiskey. But not to excess. You know.

Notable achievements:

  • Married Wendy
  • Undefeated champion at Star Wars Trivial Pursuit, grand champion (but not undefeated) at Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit.
  • Proud owner and manager of a compost heap
Elam - Wendy and J.T.'s kid. He's my second nephew and, as you can see here, is quite adorable.

Notable achivements:

  • Posing with Rigby and Abbey in several photos and short films
  • Being able to identify his eyes, ears, and belly button (and sometimes his nose.)
  • Keeping his website more up-to-date than mine
Jason - He is my brother and he is the smartest human being alive. Maybe not, but he is smart. He knows a lot about computers, and knows a lot about everything else too. He works at a hospital in Hickory. He writes music. Here is an excerpt about my brother that I wrote in 1997: "He is two years older than me and goes to Appalachian." Good times. Oh yeah, my sister has a master's degree from Georgia.

Notable achievements:

  • Reigning champion in wrapping paper tube fights
  • Only male member of the Eudy lineage not to use southern slang
  • "Legendary Survivor" and "People Know Me"
Heather - She is Jason's wife. They got married in 2001 and I was there! That was back when I was a better man than I am today. In fact, I was the best man. Heather is from Alabama (I think) and also from Wilmington. In addition to being a mom, she has many other hobbies and interests, such as grocery shopping, cleaning up after people, and taking her children places. She really really really likes animals, as she has talked Jason into adopting many through the years.

Notable achievements:

  • Protector of Maladapted Animals
  • Only family member to still handmake gifts
  • Putting up with general crassness
Joel - Born in 2006, Joel is my first nephew. Joel's interests include playing cars, sliding boards, Nemo, "George," Diego, "Ma's House," picking tomatoes, mowers, and being wheeled around in one of several vehciles.

Notable achievements:

  • Once called Australia on a cell phone
  • Working knowledge of most types of remote controls and cameras
  • Knows how to "be gentle" with Rose
Rose - Born in 2008, Rose is my first (and only) niece.

Notable achievements:

  • Wiggling
  • Being cute
  • First female born in this lineage since Wendy
Me - This is the appropriate place for me.

Bonus Material (More when I'm not feeling lazy and when I find better pictures - if you have some please send them!):

Nana Joan
Ron Danny
Aaron Vicki
Kyle Kate (deceased)
Kim Tanya
Tommy Lee
Paula Shoo
Dean Jim
Kathy Monica
Darrell Diana Hagler

I attended some universities

I attended Clemson where I studied Computer Science. After years of study and thousands of dollars, I still was unable to accomplish was Mark Currie or Ken Silverman did when they were 15.

After living with that frustrating realization for several years, I decided - nay, was called - to re-enlist in school, this time to become a teacher.

I did some work

After high school, I discovered something called Carolina Cross Connection. It pretty much changed the course of my life, even more so when Ryan Hardister spontaneously suggested that I go to the prospective staff meeting: "I think you'd be good at that sort of thing." It turns out that, over the next 4 years, I would serve on staff 3 times. Whether or not I was good at it is still a matter of debate.

After college, I spent several years working for MobileHWY. If there was a Mount Rushmore of MobileHWY, I have been told that I would be on it (I believe Mike Wachholz himself said that.) But then we both decided to move onto bigger and better things.

Like I said, I started down the course to be a teacher. I loved working with youth at CCC and this seemed like the next step. It was a toss-up between social studies and science. The social studies path required 1 less course, and it also seemed like it would give me a broad background should there be any more career changes in my future. I'm not sure what that means, but it's part of my justification.

Courses I have taught so far include World History, Military History, Civics and Economics, Contemporary Issues, Law Related Studies, and African American Studies. So far I have not regretted my decision at all.

I did some random stuff

My random interests include:

Writing * Drawing * Cooking * Crossword Puzzles * Acting * Percussion * Piano * Hiking * Jogging * Board games * Computer games * Chess * Movies