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Math Science courses at Clemson University give students a chance to:

a) Learn practical applications for mathematics
b) Be taught by some of the greatest minds in mathematics today
c) Catch up on sleep


These snare drummers are intently watching:

a) The drum major
b) Each other's stick heights
c) The twirlers


Around Downtown Clemson, tourists can see plenty of:

a) Clemson fans
b) Places to shop
c) Chad's Mama


This freshman has ambition to someday make a name for himself in:

a) The field of journalism
b) The field of medicine
c) Kappa Kappa Psi


Harcombe Dining Hall answers the question:

a) Are there employment opportunities for students on campus?
b) Is there a dining hall open on weekends?
c) How long can students survive off of pizza and cereal?


Virginia Tech fans pride themselves in

a) The academic reputation of their school
b) Their school's excellence in athletics
c) Their ability to take their mascot seriously


FSU fans love their band because:

a) They are large in number
b) They are loud
c) Their drumline plays level 2's and level 4's


If there is one thing that Dr. Hosler wants to instill in every band member, it is that:

a) Hard work and dedication are required to reach your goal
b) Teamwork is an essential skill in any walk of life
c) You never know how the visiting director might conduct the National Anthem


Naturally, the biggest concern of any Tiger Band member is:

a) Being on time
b) Practicing plenty on their own
c) The fact that all of the drummers answer "here" when a name is called


In the rare case of nuclear disaster, students should:

a) Immediately evacuate town
b) Seek refuge in the basement of Cooper Library
c) Not call the band office to see if there will be practice


Reggie Fuller, an astronomy student, knows that at this time of year the sun rises

a) At 6:00 A.M. everyday on the eastern horizon
b) At 7:00 A.M. everyday on the southeast horizon
c) At 4:00 P.M. everyday above the Brooks practice field

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