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The man we see here removing Howard's rock is:

a) An employee of IPTAY
b) Part of the stadium maintenence crew
c) A disgruntled former football player who did not give 110%


This banner is part of:

a) A massive fund-raising campaign
b) An attempt to increase school spirit
c) A t-shirt worn by Chad's mama


What we see here is

a) A view of Wake Forest's Groves Stadium
b) Another exciting game for the "Deac-Freaks"
c) The largest turnout in Wake Forest football history


As you can see here, the difference between CUD alumni and current members is:

a) How well their chops are in shape
b) How well they know the cadences
c) About 30 pounds


Paul Sandsted is applying himself hard now, with the hope that in 10 years he will:

a) Be a successful computer engineer
b) Be running his own consulting firm
c) Be able to play "flam ram" correclty on cymbals


The University of Maryland drumline could not be happier that:

a) They recently got new drums
b) They receive constant praise from the fans
c) Eric Ruhl went to Clemson


Although crime is a problem in Washington, DC, Joanna feels safe because:

a) She avoids traveling alone
b) She knows that the police are on duty 24 hours a day
c) Chris Aleman is clearly ready to spring to her protection


What we see here is

a) The Washington monument being cleaned
b) Preparation for the Y2K fireworks show
c) An attempt to increase tourist use of the word "scaffolding"


When the Tiger is allowed to direct the band,

a) Everyone has a good laugh
b) The cameras come out and people take pictures
c) The trumpets never notice


This photograph from the Winthrop news answers the question:

a) Are there any good plays about life in the 50's?
b) Can you still find a simple tale of boy meets girl?
c) Does Andy Reddy play the accordion?

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