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The expression we see here perfectly captures:

a) Buttercup as she is about to spring into battle
b) The true meaning of "girl power"
c) What Ginny Browning looks like when she directs the band


Which of the following Tiger Rag variants will the trumpets never call out:

a) "Figure-Eight" Rag
b) "Rainbow" Rag
c) "In Tempo" Rag


If there is one thing that every member of the alumni band remembers from their days at Clemson, it is:

a) Marching the halftime shows in Death Valley
b) The excitement of traveling to the away games
c) Jerome Jackson


The biggest challenge faced by Clemson students is:

a) Developing good study habits
b) Developing good time management skills
c) Parking on campus


This year, USC celebrates the 200 year anniversary of

a) Their university's founding
b) The adoption of the Gamecock mascot
c) Coach Lou Holtz's birth


Tex, Brandon, and Ashley used to always sign their e-mails to the drumline:

a) CUD 4 Life
c) Four times a day


After every marching band season, Dr. Hosler is plagued by one question:

a) What could we have done better this year?
b) Are we upholding Tiger Band traditions?
c) When will everyone turn in their locks and flip folders?


Nothing upsets Dr. Buyer more than:

a) Students not living up to their potential
b) Interruptions while he is speaking
c) A Papa John's delivery man forgetting plates and napkins


By the end of their senior year, a Tiger Band member has likely spent 200 hours

a) At Tiger Band rehearsals
b) Traveling to away games
c) Watching "Waterboy" on the bus


Nexus is known worldwide for:

a) Their excellence at percussion performance
b) Original percussion ensemble compositions
c) Shampoo

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