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According to Dr. Buyer, every patron of the Brooks Theatre:

a) Is a supporter of the fine arts
b) Has an interest in university ensembles and productions
c) Knows the historical significance of Ritmica No. 5


Every week, Ashley Hogon receives an onslaught of questions from:

a) Children, who want to see the cymbals
b) High school students, who want to join CUD
c) Johnny Lee Lane


When he switched his major to geology, Tex George

a) Looked forward to taking new classes
b) Pondered whether he would like this field
c) Became the largest geological formation in South Carolina


This biggest threat to the lifetime of marching tenor heads is:

a) Overtightening the head
b) Frequent changes in temperature
c) Kevin Eudy


This photograph shows that Tex just:

a) Finished drinking a Coca-Cola
b) Got caught of guard when it was time to play
c) Ran out of nachos, but was still hungry


CUD members typically find that nothing is so rewarding as:

a) Playing clean as a line
b) Forming strong friendships with each other
c) Coming up with better and better "Tex is fat" jokes


When Tiger Band met President Kennedy in 1962, he said to them:

a) "I hope you've enjoyed your visit to the White House."
b) "You young people have a bright future ahead of you."
c) "Keep an eye on your hat, everybody is looking for a souvenier."

This one was submitted by Nick Woo:

All of Santa's toys are

a) For good children on Christmas Eve
b) To encourage the spirit of giving
c) Made in China


Performing at Magic Kingdom helps one realize:

a) When you wish upon a star your dreams come true
b) If you can dream it, you can do it
c) There's a gig deader than that stupid thing at the Garrison


Small children may become frightened at football games because of

a) So many unfamiliar people
b) Loud noises they don't understand
c) A.J. Ford

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