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At a prestigious university like Clemson, students begin each day by reading

a) The front page of the newspaper
b) The material that will be covered in class that day
c) Sidewalk chalk birthday messages on the way to class


Physics students spend countless hours at the Kinard Laboratory of Physics

a) Conducting experiments
b) Memorizing formulas
c) Arguing over how to pronounce "Kinard"


The funniest thing on the CUD website is:

a) The stories from the alumni
b) The witty, anecdotal descriptions of the members
c) There's an image named "Tex_small.jpg"


Tex is set apart from other CUD members in that he remembers

a) To move the marching equipment aside for Symphonic Band rehearsals
b) An extra snare drum with carrier must go on away game trips
c) 1975


Here we see the bass drums

a) Participating in a little joke
b) Upholding a game day tradition
c) Practicing for the stadium seating


The Clemson Athletic department requests that fans maintain a respectful silence when

a) The invocation is offered before the game
b) A player is injured on the field
c) Commercials are playing on Paw Vision during the time outs


New band members are scarcely prepared for the enormous rush it is to

a) Get four show learned in one season
b) Get from place to place on away trips
c) Get the cleanest suspenders out of the basket on gameday


If fans look carefully in Death Valley, they can see a very vague and poorly defined

a) Outline of the Blue Ridge mountains
b) View of Oconee State Park
c) Cutoff by the drum majors during a stand tune


Tex hopes to someday run for:

a) Band Commander
b) Student Government
c) More than 1/8 of a mile


Every Friday night, about 30 rooms in Johnstone E can expect a visit from

a) The RA, asking them to keep it down
b) A drunken and confused neighbor
c) Chad's mama


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