This is Josh at the Campus Crusade Fall Retreat '98. He made a special trip there because several of us got him a bus ticket. Unfortunately I didn't get to stay because that was the weekend of the Chapel Hill game, but other good things happened that weekend (SEE EARLIER PICTURES) and I got to see Josh again anyway when I came back. I was thinking "I really need some sleep after that trip" and layed down to sleep, and Josh walked into my room in McCabe, needing a ride home, so David and I drove Amy's Mazda 626 (which had TERRIBLE (no) allignment) from Clemson to Hilton Head and back within one night, arriving at 3 A.M. with classes that morning. Ah, the memories. Josh is pictured above on Chad's drumset, using his own personal techiniques of raising the sticks very high and playing the hihat with his left hand.