Back: Cameron, Me, John Cliver; Front: Scott, David, Jess, Catherine, Bonnie.

The distinction between front and back is hazy but I think you'll figure it out. This was mine / Scott's / David's / Cameron's room at the Adam's Mark. John Cliver lived in another tower, Catherine next door, Jess and Bonnie across the hall. Just like at Clemson. Actually not at all. The name tags were (1) to identify us to people who already knew us and (2) our pass into meetings and, by New Year's Eve, into the hotel. Reminds me of the palindrome, "Gateman sees name, garageman sees name tag." Some rare finds in this picture: (1) David is wearing a hat (2) I am wearing long sleeves (3) Cameron's name tag has the tiger paw on the LEFT. Some not-so-rare-finds: (1) Cliver is wearing a coat and toboggan INSIDE (2) Bonnie is smiling (3) Cameron is wearing flannel and a CCC hat.