This picture requires a bit of explanation. This is Andy Peck and I, reunited at the Denver Christmas Conference. Holding some stamps.

I believe it was a Monday night in Orlando when Andy Peck came to my room, announcing that he was going to get some stamps. I had people I wanted to write, so I jumped on this opportunity. So Andy Peck and I ride in his Saturn, on what I assume will be about a 10 minute excursion, since there were grocery stores all around us. Then after a few minutes I ask Andy, "Where is this place?" "Oh, it's about a 15 minute drive," he told me. We drove past military bases and airport hangars; at one point we were circling around a barbed wire fence enclosing a runway. We kept waiting for a certain sign that his directions said we would see. Then we missed the turn once, twice, maybe three times, before we ended up at a post office. And then it started to rain. As a result of all this time spent, just to get stamps, Andy Peck and I really got a chance to bond. I immortalized this story when I told it at our project banquet, ever since then, stamps have been an ongoing theme.