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The best way to find out what's going on in my life, short of actually talking to me.

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Minor details about my life.

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See pictures of people you don't know, and be dissappointed when you can't find yourself.

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Things that Mark Twain never said ... but could have.

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Wax nostalgic with stories about my friends that somehow I'm always in.

Which would you rather be trapped with...?

The hypothetical question that has roots as old as civilization itself. Updated yearly, or sometimes less often.

Marching Banned Features

Favorites of my marching band days ... Dr. Hosler Catch Phrases and Current Event Quizzes.

I'd rather have a big bag of Links!


11/27/2010 The Commentary of the Moment is now permanently gone, due to a proliferation of personal commentaries via my blog and my Facebook page.

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"I have my cat and my reasons."

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