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These entries written in 2004 or later


I remember this time that Skippy (a.k.a. Paul Buyer) wrote a new set of warm-ups for the drumline. One of the new warm-ups, one to help us work on our rolls, was written in 9/8 time and based on Dave Brubeck's "Blue Rondo a la Turk." Most drumline members at this time viewed Skippy as somewhat aloof from what they thought was hip, and this probably didn't help.

good times

Submitted by John Cliver

(So Eudy isn't in this one, sorry)

Danny's wedding

Danny Ehlert sends me his wedding invitation coming up in Anderson. The odd thing about this invitation is that it is mailed to my home address in Mt. Airy, North Carolina and also it is addressed to "Cliver and Denton."

So after a little coordination, Me and Denton find ourselves back in Clemson after going to the Peach Bowl and plan on attending the wedding. Of course, neither of us mentioned it until the day of but neither of us really know what time it starts (or what church its at for that matter). I guessed 3:30 but Denton thought it was more like 3 so we rush over to Anderson trying to make it by 3 (literally putting clothes on in the car) and we just went to the church we thought it must be at (i don't know why we think this) but it paid off. We see some tuxedoed people milling around so we kinda rush in hoping we're not too late to be seated with dignity. As we walk in, Danny and Beth (his bride) walk out of the sanctuary.

So I congratulate them. and Danny excitedly says, "Cliver, Denton.... wait, did you miss it?..... You missed it! man you guys are crrraaazy!"

I'm glad we didn't disappoint.

We had missed it by about an hour. Danny and Beth had been taking pictures.

We took a program that had directions to the reception. We got there and made our way over to the "clemson" table just in time to say "beautiful service, wasn't it?"

a 'nother wedding

When Darren Lord got married, I thought that musically, it was the best wedding ever. There were performances by Ben bolt and even Darren himself, It was kinda like a play. In fact, if there was a wedding that was part of a broadway musical, I doubt it would be much different. The only thing it was missing was a Bride/Groom Duet. And also, it woulda been great if they had kinda acted out a little back story, you know, to add some drama. c'mon people, lets jazz it up a little.

Anyway, the point Is Jenni Krider saved the day when she brought me my cell phone and notebook that i had left at a friend's house in Clemson. or maybe it was my wallet. But whatever it was I really didn't want to have to go back and get it myself.

this one's great

There was this one time when Eudy and I were roommates that He had to go to a banquet (a band thing if i remember correctly). While he was getting ready, I suggested he wear my royal blue blazer. Reluctantly he put it on and looked in the mirror. He kinda made that noise that lenny made when he and carl thought they figured out the race to burns' mountain cabin., you know the one "_____ they said there'd be sandwiches"

I insisted, "Hey, you know what they say, You only live once"
But Eudy has the perfect response "yeah, you're right, so I better not screw it up"
But, he ended up wearing it anyway. The thing about our apartment was that I can't think of any time more than 1 of the 4 of us ever had to get dressed up at the same time.

another thing that makes life interesting.
I advised Eudy one year to do this in his monologue for his acting class
I said just pick a word and pronounce it wrong, but something that makes your character kinda quirk, not seem uneducated
He thought it was a great idea, At first and toyed around with saying "Time MASH ine" (a word that was in his monologue) but ultimately decided to do it straight. I think the thing was from Repo man, which i never saw.

The best thing about this monologue is that It didn't require any feedback from the other person. So after Eudy had this memorized, he could say it around people (and it goes on about aliens and conspiracies and stuff) and they wouldn't realize that he was reciting from a script. Cause c'mon, have you ever seen repo man? So much comedy for those of us "In the know"

Submitted by Jean Kyzer, 4/18/2004

I remember that night that Andrea, Amy, Kevin, Dave and I went to visit Josh Shiflet somewhere more south of Clemson, Ridgeville was it? And it was a big, creepy place with lots of dark trees and wind.  Or maybe it wasn't, that is just how it seems now. But anyway...

What I -really- remember is SOMEONE started playing the electric keyboard and singing. Hmm, well that just doesn't sound as funny when I type it out, but man, it still makes me laugh to think about it...

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