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Coach Lou Holtz will never forget seeing Arkansas

a) Pull off an upset of his Gamecocks this season
b) Kick a last-minute game-winning field goal
c) Admitted as the nation's 25th state


These days, Clemson fans can expect to see dozens of flags

a) Decorating the perimeter of the stadium
b) Displayed in the stands by red-blooded Americans
c) Thrown by ACC referees in the first quarter


The point of highest elevation in the state of South Carolina is:

a) Sassafras Mountain
b) Hogback Mountain
c) Zach West's sticks when he plays the bananas tag


After a heartbreaking loss at Death Valley, a man of Chad's intellect is focused on:

a) The dynamics of team play, and all the intangible variables that can lead to success or failure
b) The psychological power demonstrated by one error in execution compounding into a series of subsequent, seemingly elementary, mistakes by the players
c) Not running into a pole on the way back from the stadium


As cymbal players clean both sides of each cymbal before every game, they are thinking:

a) These will be the shiniest cymbals ever!
b) Ashley will be able to see her FACE in these cymbals!
c) Ashley will see these cymbals in her FACE!


What we see here is:

a) Kevin Callis hours into a CUD party
b) Another freshman being humilated at CUD initiations
c) One of the live action models for the velociraptors in Jurassic Park


CUD initiations in the year 2005 will likely be:

a) Much like the current initiations
b) A little more wild, a little more crazy
c) Organized by Ashley Hogon


The question Stacey Riley hears most is:

a) What's your name?
b) What's your major?
c) You're Skipper's girlfriend??


This picture shows that FSU gradutes:

a) Have plenty of confidence that they'll beat Clemson
b) Have plenty of enthusiasm about the game
c) Have plenty of free time thanks to their part-time jobs at Wendy's


Tex's only dissappointment concerning Karoake For Cancer was

a) Not all of the line was able to attend
b) He couldn't give as much money as he would like
c) He went to KFC and came back with no chicken

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